Intentionality brings power to any situation.

Polish is what’s above the waterline - your appearance and presentation.
Power is what’s below this surface - your skill set, character, and influence.
Strength emerges from developing skills to live an intentional life beyond the waterline.

Our Mission

The mission of Power & Polish is to provide quality training in the personal, social, and professional skills of etiquette and civility. These programs promote excellence in actions and communication that help participants stand apart from the crowd as leaders.

Our goal is to give participants in these programs power and polish, the skills necessary to present oneself with confidence, self-assurance and authority. We strive to build courageous, confident, and considerate leaders of the present and future. Whether you are a young professional, corporate executive, or someone who wants to challenge yourself to be your best, this training is for you. These programs help you to not only make a difference but to be the difference.

Power & Polish maintains a high standard of excellence in all of the etiquette programs and training offered. How far you let this training take you is up to you.



Merrily MjerkestrandMs. Merrily Bjerkestrand was trained and certified as an etiquette consultant through the Protocol School of Washington in Washington, DC. Ms. Bjerkestrand applied the knowledge and standards of excellence acquired from this training, blended her expertise as a consultant with her experience in teaching and coaching, to develop new, unique and powerful programs. These relevant and up-to-date programs are presented to executives, athletes, businesses, students, and universities around the Northwest. These programs are only available through the Northwest School of Protocol and have been well received by many corporate, educational and private systems.  Classes and programs are available through personal consulting. Online programs available soon.  Ms. Bjerkestrand has written articles for local publications and been a guest speaker at numerous events.

Ms. Bjerkestrand is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from Gonzaga University. She is a member of the American Philosophy Association (APA) and the Philosophy Learners and Teachers Organization, (PLATO). Ms. Bjerkestrand was a board member of the National Association of Women Business Owners for the 2010-2011 year and was a winner of the National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year award. She also participated in an ongoing  Corporate Social Responsibility Roundtable through the International Trade Alliance, in Seattle, WA. Ms. Bjerkestrand also supports the National Autism Society, Special Olympics,  Girl Scouts, and 4-H.  She attends First Presbyterian Church.

Ms. Bjerkestrand is a graduate of Central Washington University with a degree in Special Education. She has approximately 20 years of teaching experience in grades pre-K through 12. She participated in dance, varsity track, and varsity basketball at the University level. She has coached track, Co-ed, and girls basketball at both the junior high and high school levels.

Ms. Bjerkestrand has particular passions for philosophy, especially ethics, literature, writing, and civil discourse. She enjoys gardens, roses, nature, and the outdoors. When not at Power & Polish, reading, or writing, she appreciates quality time, solitude, yoga, and collecting vintage handcrafted items of quality. She currently lives in Spokane, WA with her husband, Wray.

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