To Ponder:

The Death of Mr. George Floyd

Does it matter that the knee to the neck was white? Does it matter that the neck was of a dark hue?

If the knee was white and the neck was white, would that justify the pain?

If the knee was dark-hued and the neck was too, would that erase the tragedy?

If we only focus on the assumed why this happened, do we lose sight of the importance of what happened?

Would explanations temper the injustice?

Regardless of the what, why, who, or their skin colors, many observers of this incident label the actions leading to the death of Mr. George Floyd…  just WRONG!

It’s time to develop a strategy stronger than those of any existing injustices or abuses of power.

In our country, no matter the color of one’s skin, the size of one’s pocketbook, or which side of an artificial political line one stands on, we need actions that support equal justice for all and by all.

It’s time to become the United Colors of America! E Pluribus Enum

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