The Faces of Christmas

Merrily Bjerkestrand


Today I saw an angry face, raging, caused by impatience and inconvenience.

Today I saw the face of unkindness, caused by a perceived threat, insult, or nagging disappointment.

A judgmental face appeared today. It was accompanied by a raised eyebrow, a sideways glance, and a cold shoulder.

I saw an emotionless face today too. It peeked over a bundle of stress and worry. The eyes of this face were trying to hide feelings of exhaustion and sadness because no one else would really care to know about them anyway. After all, these are the holidays, who wants to be around a ‘downer’.

Today, I saw a face with lonely longing eyes. These eyes appeared in search of hope and love, of connectedness, and relationship. This face, however, seemed willing to be consoled by a brief recognition, acknowledgment, or validation of its existence. A simple smile in its direction could have sufficed. But these are the busy holidays of Christmas, who has time for any of this.

Today, I saw all of these faces and I decided. I decided it’s time to get a new mirror.  This one must be broken.


     The meaning and message of Christmas can easily get lost in the unexpected stresses, inconveniences, busyness, and pace of the season. If we let them. The simple joys and kindnesses we can so easily give to others don’t need to be purchased, wrapped, nor perfect. They just need to be given the thought, time, opportunity, and effort to be shared.

     Let’s do it. And remember to tell your face.