Is It Okay If I’m Kind?

If I see you struggling, with putting on a coat, carrying something cumbersome, or negotiating a doorway, is it okay if I’m kind and help, even if I am a woman?

If I see you trying to cross a busy crowded street, or move into a lane, is it

okay if I’m kind and let you in, even if it slows the traffic behind me?

If I see your eyebrows pulled together, your forehead creased, and your face sad and downhearted, is it okay if I’m kind and smile at you anyway, even if I don’t know you?

If our eyes happen to connect while in passing, or I’m standing beside you in line and we happen to see each other, is it okay if I smile and am kind, even if we are strangers with something random in common.

In a world that’s overstressed, over-busy, over-scheduled, over-defensive- is it okay if I am kind, even if I don’t have permission?