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Hospitality 101 & Beyond

Program Description:

Hospitality is the act of opening your home to others. Let yours be a place to share comforts, thoughts, successes,  challenges, and even the simple fun of friendship through the art of hospitality.
Always waiting for “some time” or “someday” to reconnect or share a moment with someone you care about? Worrying or stressing to find the perfect time or perfect place to get together? Afraid to entertain like an adult?  Longing for some good friends and meaningful conversation?  Hoping to get to know someone new without the uncomfortable distractions of restaurant noise, cell phones, and interruptions?   Have you ever considered your own home as the perfect place or getaway for others to enjoy?
Entertaining in one’s home and extending hospitality to others doesn’t have to be daunting and stressful. None of us is a perfect host nor has the perfect home or at least one that looks perfect all the time.  (What do you think closets and all that space under the bed are for!)
It is the gesture of sharing and desire to connect that makes hospitality so gracious and rewarding. Hospitality is a gift to both the guest and the host.  Whether others are invited into a home for breakfast, a light lunch, tea, a cocktail party, a game of cards, “the big game” or a movie, hospitality is always a welcome gesture.  This is the Art of  Intentional Living.

Hospitality knows no gender! This program is appropriate for anyone who wants to create or enjoy opportunities for meaningful and pleasant entertaining in a home.

Topics listed below may be presented as an all-inclusive program or specifically combined to meet the needs and interests of various groups or individuals. Let Power&Polish customize a program for you.

Topics covered include:
  • Expectations and Best Practices of Gracious Hosts and Welcome Guests
  • The Basics of Home Management:  Needs, Challenges, and Strategies for Survival
  • Entertaining as an  Individual, Couple, or Family.
  • Understanding Comfort and Quality in the Home
  • Home Decor Ideas, Styles, Trends, and Good Taste.
  • The Thrill of the Thrift: Reuse, Repurpose, Rediscover
  • Varieties of Home Entertaining
  • Extending and Accepting Invitations… And Their Pitfalls.
  • Hospitality and Children: Yours and Others
  • The Overnight Guest:  Hosting One or Being One.
  • The Basics and Benefits of Tea.
  • Cocktail Basics and Alternatives
  • International Guests and Strangers
  • Dealing with Entertaining Mishaps: the Unexpected,  the Unwanted, or  the Inappropriate
  • Resources and Recommendations
Private training or coaching for individuals or small groups available by arrangement.
If you are interested in this program or any of the individual topics listed,  please complete the contact form on this page. Include  “Intentional Living”  in the subject line and comment on your topics of interest.  We will also add you to our email list for future updates on new or interesting Intentional Living topics and opportunities for continued growth.
Other available programs that complement and support living a life of intention and authenticity are:
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  • Building Your Personal Power
We look forward to hearing from you.


"The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Merrily MjerkestrandMs. Merrily Bjerkestrand was trained and certified as an etiquette consultant through the Protocol School of Washington in Washington, DC. Ms. Bjerkestrand applied the knowledge and standards of excellence acquired from this training, blended her expertise as a consultant with her experience in teaching and coaching, to develop new, unique and powerful programs. These relevant and up-to-date programs are presented to executives, athletes, businesses, students, and universities around the Northwest

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