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Manners, etiquette, communication

Program Description:

A dynamic and one-of-a-kind program that lays a solid foundation for building strong skills of manners, etiquette, and communication. Building Your Personal Power includes powerful behavioral tools to help identify and strengthen positional and personal power as well as develop strong and effective communication skills of a leader.

Our courses build a connection and understanding of responsibilities and expectations between corporations, their executives and their clients. Participants come away confident, savvy, and hungry for more. Most programs require 2 hours.

Building Your Personal Power is available through direct consultation with Ms. Bjerkestrand or as an online coaching service.  Let Power & Polish Consulting help you to be the difference that makes a difference.

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For the professional, this program develops a connection and understanding of responsibilities and expectations between corporations, their executives, and their clients.

Building Your Personal Power defines and clarifies the hierarchy of power positions within the professional arena. It defines and reveals each individual employee’s ability to impact and influence this culture in a positive …or negative, way.

Participants come away confident, savvy, and hungry for more.

Building Your Personal Power helps those individuals in need of building personal strength, confidence, and power in his or her presence and public image.

This program is perfect for those who want to develop or present a more confident and self-assured persona.  Learn about the basic expectations within varied social contexts and the actions associated with them.  Tap into the power each of us has, or needs, as a parent, spouse, colleague, or employee to become a confident leader and positive influencer to others in our lives.  Personal power and polish are your responsibility; they start with a basic understanding of contextual expectations and actions. They begin with you.

Most programs require 2+ hours and may be customized or extended with additional topics of interest.


"Our big successes are born out of discomfort, uncertainty, and risk."

- Gary John Bishop

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Merrily MjerkestrandMs. Merrily Bjerkestrand was trained and certified as an etiquette consultant through the Protocol School of Washington in Washington, DC. Ms. Bjerkestrand applied the knowledge and standards of excellence acquired from this training, blended her expertise as a consultant with her experience in teaching and coaching, to develop new, unique and powerful programs. These relevant and up-to-date programs are presented to executives, athletes, businesses, students, and universities around the Northwest

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