A Box of Special Blessings

Merrily Bjerkestrand

I am grateful for all the many blessings that God has sent in my direction throughout my life. Because I know His love and mercy are endless and never ceasing, I am confident that there will be a few more blessings headed my way in the future. I know this because of who He is, not because of who I am or try to be. I am continually grateful and appreciative for all His gifts and care. My thoughts of God’s grace and blessings today, however, are not about those intended for myself.  It is my hope that God has a box in heaven. I hope He has a box of special blessings.

The blessings in this box are not for those who anticipate, expect, or have a confident understanding of God’s love and care. The blessings in this box are for those kind and selfless strangers who randomly cross our paths throughout the day. The ones who help with a flat tire or maybe return our shopping cart to the store, from the other side of the parking lot. The ones who see us somehow struggling and offer a, “Can I help?”.  Those who see us lost and not only give us directions  but offer a suggestion to “follow me, I’m going that way.” The ones who find your wallet or the purse left under the restaurant table, and catch up to you to return it.

The blessings from this special box are for those of our species who take the time to see others in need and act. Those who forfeit their time or effort to help someone else. These individual efforts, from a total stranger, could seem to them like a small act or gesture but can make a huge difference in the day or life of someone struggling, frustrated, or downhearted at that moment.

Most of us, usually, get so caught up in our own thoughts, schedules, or timetables, we are not always aware of the needs of those directly around us. We can get so focused on ourselves, or global hurts trended through the media, we don’t always see the hurt or struggles others may be experiencing, right in front of us. But God does. And every once in a while someone down here does too. And I am very thankful for them.

Yes, I hope heaven has a box of special blessings for those people who, without fanfare, without bravado, without Instagram or posting, quietly and selflessly offer a gesture or act of simple kindness to a stranger. These are the actions of the connected people that keep us and remind us, that we are human. I hope there’s a box of special blessings for those who know we need each other . . . and act like it.