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Managing choices and influencing consequences for a more
meaningful, intentional, and authentic life.
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Our Mission

Welcome to Power & Polish. We provide quality training in the personal, social, and professional skills of etiquette and civility. Led by Ms. Merrily Bjerkestrand, these programs promote excellence in actions and communication that help participants stand apart from the crowd, not just as leaders and influencers, but also as contributors to healthy and vibrant living.

We give participants in these programs power and polish, the skills necessary to present oneself with confidence, self-assurance, authority, and dignity.

How far you let this training take you is up to you.

Our Programs

Whether you are seeking to fine-tune your confidence or improve your social skills in the area of your professional life or to create change in how you approach your personal life, we have a program to suit your particular needs. If not, let’s create one together.

Special Needs For Special People

With a passion and willingness to offer support to those with unique and particular needs as well as training and understanding in the field of social competence, Ms. Bjerkestrand brings value and fresh insight into the world of those with special needs, unique challenges, and weak social skills.

Executive functioning challenges
Military personnel

Corporate Etiquette

Learn the strategies and tools to present yourself with confidence and authority. Be the difference that makes the difference.

Building Your Personal Power
Business Professional Etiquette
Dining Etiquette

Intentional Living

Realize the power you have to influence and create change in the places you value most.

Hospitality 101 & Beyond
Dining Etiquette
Building Your Personal Power



Merrily MjerkestrandMs. Merrily Bjerkestrand was trained and certified as an etiquette consultant through the Protocol School of Washington in Washington, DC. Ms. Bjerkestrand applied the knowledge and standards of excellence acquired from this training, blended her expertise as a consultant with her experience in teaching and coaching, to develop new, unique and powerful programs. These relevant and up-to-date programs are presented to executives, athletes, businesses, students, and universities around the Northwest

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